Tuesday, December 18, 2012


From time to time Chicago StartUps seeking  mobile technical co-founders contact me asking for a meeting. Which on its very surface is a good thing as VCs and Angels prefer to fund those only with technical cofounders.

The problem beings with that first email, where someone who is somewhat older than 21 years old decides that desperate times call for the strategy of being less than honest and other things. And you  may think well its only one time how can it harm.

The problem is in the beginning to build product buzz and buzz about the startup you to build a community. Some of that is by developing a quality mobile application through use of code development skills. However, a large part is in the ethics or treatment of the mobile end user.

Let me give you example, here is the link to the review of iLyngo. The founder posts a fake review here and I quote:

Justin is right, re all 1 of 2 reviews. But I'm sure others do too... At least, I'm not hiding it... I just wanted to let you know why I built it... So I can understand the lingo from my friends, family and colleagues and empower them and all of you with this capability plus more as well... Try it out and let us know, we can only improve... All opinions welcome +ve or -ve (even if not about the app)...

And that is not the only fake review by that startup staff. Can you imagine my reaction upon receiving an email from this founder requesting a meeting because they desire a technical cofounder. 

Now notice also the amount of downloads at 500 monthly, most mobile application sin this area have a successful field test of anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 monthly downloads the first month. Thus we know the founder is acting out of desperation rather than knowledge or even skill.

Want a quality android developer for your Chicago startup, do not come into my email inbox playing despicable games like the founder of iLyngo. Have the courage to give a damn about that mobile application user you want using your products or go the Fuck home.