Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pitching Nerves

When you get a very unique idea, its always that first pitch where you get nervous most about the pitch. Bu than again 0-n things are always that way.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cannot Talk, except tiddlywiki in Eclipse

There is something I cannot talk about in public next week so to keep out of trouble will be talking about embedding TiddlyWiki5 into Eclipse.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yahoo Top Managment

You probably will not like my message to you, but since you do not respect my wishes concerning bombing me with likedin spam about mobile android dev jobs at yahoo maybe a public  lashing will finally get your collective heads out of your asses.

First, I do not have $36,000 one-year living expenses to even think about relocating. This is why its stated on my linkedin profile that relocation ideas be presented to me at my local subway. Together firms like Google understand such things and are bright enough not spam me. Boy that does not say much for the bought Top management talent IQ levels does it?

Two, big companies tend to kill the joy to program, thus I am seeking startup opportunities close to my location that are telecommute. Yahoo is too big and lumbering to be considered the right size of startup opportunity.

DO me a favor top  Yahoo Management Fuck OFF!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Clusterfucking for a Thousand, Whatsapp

If you use WhatsApp be aware that since their push to hire android devs they have screwed up security..they still use same AES key for everyone that I found out about when considering interviewing with them. I would uninstall right now if I was using it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is Google's Gradle push wrong?

I might be wrong, but until Google's Gradle build for android computes java ABI values for the android project libraries it will not b fast enough for TDD. Facebook's Buck does this already along with the normal DAG cache of all inputs/outputs. See the feature page.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Do I code?

Last week and this week had this weird email conversation with a start-up where they did not understand that I would not go through a broken application process based on throw-away-sentences offered to me and they did not understand that I enjoy coding and do in fact code as a habit and thing of joy.

So why do I code? Its a set of puzzles to me that I can solve in a certain manner this is different from anyone else. Not to mention, there is a certain joy of building something than using it. Plus there is that engineering challenge can you produce something that is better maintained and less breakable than before.

If you watch a basketball game or a racing car event do you want to watch or to do the actual event? I do not watch sports as I do them, the same goes for anything else. Some watch big cats on tv, not me I go the a big cat sanctuary and walk among the big cats, that was one of a big impressionable cool thing that I did. The place is at here.

This is why I ask for a paid subway meal at my local Subway when a start-up wants to talk to me as I am a doer not effing paper pushing processor.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dagger's Family Tree

A lot of beginning devs are confused by guice, transfuse, auto and other DI solutions. to get a clearer view of Dagger's Family tree read the reddit google team ama from Feb 2014.

Transition to Gradle

So after some researching, I think I found a reasonable way to transition to gradle android application builds. The general idea was to have as many things decoupled as possible so that I have some nice flexibility in my developer workflows without some major crippling break downs.

One, right now the android gradle build is still alpha and will continue to be that way until 1.0 and that should be reached sometime before Google IO 2014. On to of that we do not have full gradle support in the Eclipse ADT plugin including no support for AAR artifacts(Yeah they would happen to pick the AXIS 2 AAR archive extension name..way to go Google team for your research!).

Thus, right now if we do a project layout that supports gradle while supporting the need to have the test project nested in the app project than we can have the same project layouts for both ant and gradle with minimum fuss.If we also switch to using Google's Espresso Testing Kit than we get rid of the need ot run jython/python for testing or say JVM-Cucumber and thus have a cleaner less complex set of build scripts.

And by implementing findbugs and Jacoco report use in the ant builds we get full re-use of all the xsl/xml reporting stuff and the code QA metrics will be the same.

As far as dependency management IVY is being used as a temporary fudge until we move to gradle builds as Gradle has depreciated IVY dependency management as an option in gradle, publishing of artifacts is still will be supported however.

As far as 3rd party android project libraries, the standard option if not reconstituting them is to do a fork of the repo in your own git provider user space and than do a git module to that forked repo in your git repo-space. Why? Because than instead of being tightly coupled with every change on the master branch flowing to your app project its only coupled to a fork of the project at a specific point in time. And youavoid breakage by not deleting those forks from your git space repo but instead only update the git module references when you see a change in the 3rd party library that you in fact need, that way you keep breakage to a minimum.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Math is Recruiting?

If you look at the math behind it, The Secretary Problem, you will find that your chances of finding the perfect applicant converges to  36% while the odds of finding the bad applicant converge at 64%. Please understand that devs are somewhat mathematically trained.

From my understanding of that math it means that any potential request for an interview that does not talk about very specific things about my skills is dramatically a waste of my time with the current high demand curve for android developers. Its my job as potential android developer for your firm to qualify the potential opportunity lead.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Want In a StartUP

There is a body of related development components,processes, etc that combined the right way will transform the android UI from where its at now to the smooth UI that is faster than iphone. And of course I am in the middle of finishing libraries and processes that will bring that to reality.

There are so many well-funded startups wanting android developers that the normal HR processes do not work and are somewhat broken. If you want me to devote some of my time to you than you might want to actually listen to what I want and maybe find a way to give those things that I request to me.

1. A temp email addy from a auto-resume service and the request for phone number to schedule a talk means that I will spend about 7 minutes, half before the scheduled time and half after, waiting on you and than its SEE YOU LATER. Why? Because instead of doing research on me you are attempting to make me do your work for you I already get that from recruiters spam. If you cannot verify my skills already by looking at my github and my Stackoverflow accounts(I am at the top 13%) than sorry its of no use to talk to YOU!

2. Typical equipment to do my job costs from $9000 to $17,000 or more. That means that in a remote work situation that gets added to the salary costs not somehow we do a sins of omission to cheat me out of it not being paid. If you cannot afford that salary plus equipment than you might want to explore other options instead of wasting my time and your time.

3. You will only convince me to move to your company if you come to my local subway and buy me a meal and convince me. In other words I AM TELLING YOU TO RECRUIT ME TO MOVE TO YOUR COMPANY AND NOT SPAM ME TO MOVE TO YOUR COMPANY.

If you cannot listen to the above, THAN EAT SHIT AND DIE MFer.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Layout Engine

Its extremely alpha, but someone posted on reddit/androiddev/ Freeflow evidently coded by comcast employees. If you want a website to follow that has a balance of beginning, advanced, and expert android devs to follow and read its the reddit/androiddev/ forums.