Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bootstrap Experiment One

I will be trying a bootstrap experiment.  I am going to be pushing out some creative design products that are related to my mobile design work in a certain marketplace to see how much traction those commercial products receive.

If  I am lucky it pays for some needed things such as a new laptop with 1-2TB SSDs.

I will be reporting my progress when I can right here so that others may attempt to replicate the efforts for their own bootstrapping.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Material Design Color Palettes III

The 3rd and probably final tweaking of my Material Design Advance Color Palette should be up in a few days.  The improvements is finally finding the tool that mathematically calculates color contrasts and keeps them within the WAG guidelines, namely Paletton found here:


Also check out the colorpedia on color theory.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advance material Design Color Palette II

This an android color resource file denoting a full advanced color palette for material design. Both Monochromatic(Minimal design) and Google vibrant are supported.

The bottom black and whites is for Monochomatic with the top half serving as the palette for the action color. Obviously, the top-half is the Google-inspired vibrant color palette.

It has substantially more colors than one shown as an example in the Google material Design Guide. This is the first major tweaking of colors.

The gpl gimp file for it has not been created yet. If you do create one send me the gist link to my email listed on my github pages:

So that I can properly point to your created gpl files in my gist.

As far as a gimp formatted UI-UX kit, its being created at the moment by choosing the best UI kit and completing the gimp conversions(ie converting to xcf and keeping the embedded rgb profiles). Should be sometime in December when I post the full UI kit including the gpl gimp files.

Remember folks, Google in its Material Design Guide directly states their Hues-And-Accent color matching and monochromatic matching. BUT, they also imply indirectly the other two possible color matching styles as forms of branding. One is choosing the color matching that fits the branding needs of the android app you are designing.

Not every branding case will match up with Google Vibrant or Monochromatic or the other color matching styles. Its your job as the android app designer to determine which color matching style best servers your client's branding needs.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Silicon ValleyWakeUP Call

Trump getting elected sent a very loud call to Silicon Valley to wake up to the effects of both tech disruption through job loss and income equality. And yet if you look at the Democratic message lately they still have not got the message.

Look SV VCs, if you do not solve job loss through tech disruption and income equality dumb voters will solve it for by voting you out..what part of that message is not clear to you?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Does Minimal Design fit in Google Material Design?

Yes, in-fact it does as if you read the color area of Google Material Design it states you can use monochromatic color schemes. Than the accent color becomes the action color for user actions.

Your flash of brand color comes at the beginning in the app intro onboarding.

You will find that app users appreciate the negative space focus on content and app features.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Counter to Minimalism

Rise of Minimalism

The article highlights a point that with brands adopting minimalism a competing app gets lost in that one cannot differentiate between the two apps.

The answer may be slight slivers of color and other adornments that do not take up much space but are just enough to differentiate.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sort of pivoting the android dev books in that seeing if doing cheatsheets first on subjects like activities, fragments, etc  helps me better tease the book while helping me see the over-all picture that I have to write about in the chapters of the dev books.

Naming of the cheatsheets is up for wil be SomeNameCribs probably.