Tuesday, October 25, 2016

99% Material Design

Yes, 99% Material Design including even the Flat and Raised Buttons on Android 4.1 through Android 4.4. The missing 1% is the Transparent SystemBar stuff.

Some of you might not understand, but creating a UI for an app is not like creating a painting.  On mobile because we have this lack of space in the first place we kind of need every UI component working and looking the exact same way as our colors in our palette that we use to tell the app story.

I am of course talking about the GreenAndroid full library I am putting together. I just now have to clean up loose ends such as making sure every custom widget extends the AppCompatWidget and not the Native Widget,etc.

Than its creating the UX demo videos gifs,etc.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Witaj Polsko

Hello Poland..okay so my Polish is extremely rusty as I was only exposed to Polish speaking people when I was very small.

Remote Freelancing Strategies

You see every online freelancer place like Elance, UpWork, etc claim that they are the ones that get the most gigs. And yet, if you add all those numerical claims of the most freelancers they come to somewhat past 8 billion people and the world does not have 8 billion peopel as of yet.

And, I have yet to find any successful freelancer that is actually using those sties.

Thus, my set of strategies is somewhat different.

Number One, I search for those people that are nodes in the start-up and business communities that happen to have a need to be seen as knowing moible UX skilled devs. Typically, these are people who have previously co-founded start-ups and are now strategy consultants.

At this stage, I have to find those who are somewhat a bit hungry and new as strategy consultants. My online portfolio is than being structured to show what a high engagement Android UX app experience is about as that is an immediate start-up problem to solve that affects the future of that start-up.

Than I let those start-up strategy consultants think its the strategy that they have come up[ with, ie Android first as Android has 80% market share in the USA.

Why not post in HN or the numerous BuiltINCity-Sites?  Because, at the stage they start to consider developing an android app first they, ie the co-founders, are not reading those sites to helop find someone as the strategy consultant is already suggesting someone. And that strategy consultant also may be a VC or Angel investor.

Which Tech and Start-Up Hubs? I chose two start-up hubs near me to start, the big one Chicago and the a small one Indianapolis. Chicago is one the cusp to becoem bigger than NYC in about 5 years from now so it is probably a good choice.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

3-Year GooglePlayStore Downloads Doubling Window

Yes folks,there is a 3-year window where Google Play Store downloads will double each year. The ELIA5 explanation:

People are updating a to a new android device that allows them to install android apps on their SDCards unlike the current android 4.x device they have.

Are you ready for that Android app Push? If not than maybe you should contact me..

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Android UX Way

I think the answer to my being marketable to non-tech people in start-ups and other firms and my dev book series being marketable is to revamp and rebrand as the Android UX Expert with the book series being Android Development form an Android UX perspective.

So back to some work, some free stuff coming on Monday...its UX relaterd

Thursday, October 13, 2016

SoftForking Secret, Why

The whole set of reasons I softfork most android UX 3rd party libraries is for these reasons:

1. Google never, and I mean never, deploys enough Engineers to have a fully Android Support Library solution to the many UX and feature changes it makes per major Android OS version. We usually end up with an average effort after 8 months or so after the Android OS version release. This harms the goal of making an android app behave and look the same across android OS versions which is somewhat important to user happiness and on boarding efforts.

And due to more than two versions of Android OS being in the device market at once this a unique problem due to the android platform fragmentation as iOS app developers do not face this problem.

2. The Average Android Developer may get back-porting concepts right as far as the way to back-port a certain feature but usually lacks full knowledge of the Android Support Library internals to pull it off correctly.

3. Having cleaned up and curated those libraries allows me to maintain an encyclopedic knowledge of the Android Support Library internals and provides me with an edge in guaranteeing specific look and feel across android 4.x to android 7.x.

I just have to figure out what visual formats to use in showing off the demos. Should it be just UI controls or more expansive UX demos or both sets of demos.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Where am I getting UX inspiration?

Something to tie-you-guys-and-gals-over until I start posting some new UX videos. The new place where I am getting some UX inspiration from is:


Especially, if you are into material design you should sign up.