Saturday, February 27, 2016

A New Material Design Palette

Okay, I reverse engineered how Google might have chosen the Material Design Colors in the Material Design Color Guide. Its so close to the values Google came up with that it can be used in production.

BTW, have you figured out why I call my best practices book 'TheAndroidWay' yet? What I did above my be subtle hint. Medium Article about the technique and sample material design palette download later this next week.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UI KIts for Android

So I am at the beginning of prototyping the UI of several applications and I am finding that I do not have an adequate UI kit of the UI elements in PSD form. Taylor Ling has in the past done some exceptional UI kits for ICS and Kitkat releases but has not completed one for either the L or M releases.

And the good news is while their will be tweaks for Android 7.0, which will be previewed I imagine in the fall of 2016, there will not be any massive design changes.  So if I compete an UI kit for Android for Material Design it will be around and used for awhile.

So I am completing one in the next 2 weeks that will cover Android Phone, Tablets, Wear, TV, and Auto.

Many of you are in a situation where you are in the progress of learning android or you know java programming and are picking up android as you see the opportunity to complete an android application and sell it via In-App-Purchasing to earn money for your family or earn money to establish a small business.

I am asking you to take 60 seconds and go to

MyGithubProfile page 

And on that page click on every social network link and do follow me as it shows me that the free things you will download from me are appreciated and wanted. And I do return the follows so it will help increase your followers.

Side Note: Currently, I do not have access to those devices that use custom UI themes such as Samsung, Amazon Devices, etc. Thus the UI Kit will not include that set of visual elements. If I do get those devices at some point in the future than the UI Kit will be updated to include that set of visual elements.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

GWS Logo Progress

I forgot to show my logo progress on my GWS Logo:

Obviously, its not finished yet as I have the depth and perspectives to add. The general idea is that I wanted an abstract representation of mobile so I choose an abstraction of mobile screen sizes arranged in the \abstract form of the lowercase g.


So this is the first full month of me making an attempt at applying GaryVee's advice on audience grabbing, business, etc. There is now a very small uptick in my Medium viewing and reading numbers.

Remember, GaryVee has stated that its a bit of one full year of very hard work. But, now I am getting daily views of 33 with a 70% read from those views on my Medium articles.

Now, to boost that I need to add some more free stuff to every article and provide more illustrations, videos, etc.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Material Design Color Palette

So I am reversing my previous prohibition in coming up with a Material Design Color Palette because so many do not understand the underlying design theories and developers are still making some other mistakes.  I am creating a Medium Android Application Development Material Design Color Palette article that steps everyone through the process of creating a Material Design Color Palette.

The article will first start with the basic set-up and introduce the color theories involved and than show that the  SUGGESTED Material Design Color Palette in Material Design Guidelines is just a suggestion and that you can come up with your own Material Design Color Palette that has a more depth of colors to the palette.

I have stated before that the visual style of the color matching is somewhat baroque in its visual nature. But, its more than that because visual design in media tends to repeat artistic style explorations of the visual physical arts such as painting as we went from neoimpressionist to baroque. Neoimpressionist was the little dots somewhat like non-laser printing in which we had to do half-tones, etc.

Baroque is somewhat important thing on Android. Let me explain, Human Interface Design in the form of MacOSX and iOS clings to the notion that certain colors are avoided due to their objective denotations in certain cultures. However, Apple still clings to such color denotations in other areas of its UI. With baroque we are separating the objective denotation of a color from a color and using it to denote depth, shadow, and rhythm.

So with Google choosing monochromatic baroque, the implied implication is that Android Applications are moving towards works of art in their vibrant visual designs and conversely leaving Apple and its visual stagnate iOS behind.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Material Design Color Hint

This is probably the most important hint on Material Design Colors in a Palette:


But you have to use it wisely..

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Okay, I am getting some good feedback on the medium articles which helps me improve the content and re-use it for the book.  My medium stats are increasing but I need a somewhat better hook.

So the next aspect is that I am completing some Material Design Portfolio Apps to help make the whole thing very interesting. So now comes some interesting things to ponder.

What social network or networks to post the screenshots to..

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Medium Quirks

I do not know if its a quirk, but for my Android Dev Articles on Medium it works better if my article titles use action phrases.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Banking VC Clowns

I just had a Banking Vice Pres clown interrupt me on LinkedIN to get me to send him a resume and code samples as he is putting together a startup, ie both are on my linkedin profile. Why would I join a start-up that has at its top co-founders who do not get it?

Damn it where are the co-founders of start-ups that GaryVee GET IT?!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

5Billion Phones in 4 years

Yes, that is the prediction..5 billion phones by year 2020. Are you ready?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Medium Stats

I think I figured out how to get higher on Medium as far as stats, seems to be working: