Saturday, September 21, 2013

Social Startup Engineering

Okay so you want to do a social network app as a startup. Lets educate you.

What is the first example of a Social graph on internet?  Give up? Its that little search engine you use, yes tha tis right whne the search engine ranks an indexed page its creating a graph of nodes just like a social network and its the first disovery user interface for your app.

That measns you are smart enough to put in unclaimed accounts with information and than use a page that lists thaty as the search engine SEO landing page for your startup.  Anglelist did it so can you.

Once you have that completed you know understand that automating the process to place select high qualified SEO in both the share post title and the first sentence of the share content. Notice that its not visual, yeah that is the foundation not the visual candy on top or say reading the social network api and calling that a product.  Its the underlying system to get stuff in the social graph for a SPECIFIC purpose that is the PRODUCT.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

LinkedIN The Startup api

The most interesting thing a startup could discover is a developer with a top linkedin viewed profile. Why?

Because the core component of developer product for a startup is not the developer code. Its can that developer discover out of all the features of a startup what the product might be that attracts users.

So what are my linkedin profile figures given that I am one of the top viewed developer profiles on linkedin?

Lest give the search first, that is about 140 appearances in LinkedIN search daily. Now for the profile views daily number, that is hovering around 50. Or to put it another way, that is 35% click-through-rates. If you are a startup would you not like to know how to get 35% click through?

With social platforms and mobile platforms becoming the foundation pillars of user arbitration, especially new users would it not be a wise move by a startup to find out how this is done?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Playing Tiddlywikifive

TiddlywikiFive has been updated so you will see some posts from me in the coming weeks about how to customize it. I somewhat need some notebook whereas I can make notes on mobile application design and with TW5 including jquery, nodejs, etc I can finally use it to make that happen.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


In the linked article there is no implementation, but the diagram should give you an idea how to implement in that
Tablet in landscape gets expanded card and tablet in portrait gets a summary card and regular card following the summary detail pattern and mobile gets two screens following the same pattern.

Also pay attention to the information flow as its dynamic and personalized rather than search and aggregated.


NSA summary:

1. There is an INSECURE NSA key on MS WINDOWS, probably need to stop running windows.

2. Obviously you want avoid services using MS IIS as in how do you think NSA is getting those SSL keys?

3 We do not yet know whether NSA found a way to reverse the knapsack problem for encrypting  and packaging keys.

4. Assume non open source crypto systems as having backdoors.

The biggest take away is to secure your end-point, if you can get off of MS Windows than you probably should. This NSA spying is driven by the Military Industry complex. This means that because they need money there will be mission creep and NSA will use it to spy on on NON Terrorist, namely you and me thus the danger is very real.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

StartUp recruiters

Yes this a rant..

Do you believe an actual startup recruiter tried to use the line..

American Express yourself..

Two problems:

1. Kanye West's quote or line is African American Express yourself.

2. You can guess what the other problem might be..

This is why we hate startup recruiters..

You do not now what the f*ck you are talking about and your skills in trying to fit in are some wath f*cking lame..

Do us all a favor and just f*cking move to a different industry.

Why not instead recruit for NSA, as I hear they are in dire need of recruiting help.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UX the droid way

The problem with starting UX innovation is that where do you stop?  So I am implementing blurred background in a certain manner and using some listeners to allow me to change the view background and actionbar background, etc upon changes in UI component states.

But If I want to do this right why not go all the way?  The Yahoo weather app uses a trick of overlaying imageviews and changing the background and adjusting the alpha. But this assumes that you are using a Flat graphics style.

See I want to expand that and use another imageview layer overlaid on top that allows me to change the visual tint or tone if you will and thus indicate another set of visual UI component states. For example, if the app depends upon getting data over a network connection than why not change the tint or tone of the UI visually to a light or medium red. Somewhat subtle in that we still use an alpha so it looks like red glass like.

What about overdraw? Its early in the experiment lets worry about that later.  See this is the problem I do not like staying within the rules, not if we can get to something more exciting.

StartUpBlues, Android

Frustrated, with startups that want android developers. I am coming up with a new Design language that fits android mobile development rather than some clone of iOS UX.

Part of it is figuring out what roles the actionbar, scrollbars, view backgrounds, etc can serve in visualizing states of the view UI components and application states. And on top of that being able to it in an across all android OS versions way.

The startups I seem to run into are a bit not fully aware where they are at progress wise and where they need to be. And to top it off they want to put shackles on the developers efforts towards anything resembling defining product and improving product.

The problem is UX is all about using the application user story as a way to improve the product the user interface. How can a startup as a startup even consider putting shackles on that  and yet have that in the job description?

See those drones up there in that picture? I do not want a user of an android application to ever become one of those drones. And I do not want to be shackled by a startup founder in producing a product that shackles any android device user.

I do not want an iphone and do not want any android application to look, feel and deliver an iOS UX experience to an android device user. I want to deliver an Android UX experience that is full of possibilities, freedom, and this visceral  and visual reaction to the UI reacting to the visual UI component state and the application state.

Where is the startup that wants this?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

KitKat Marketing

Brilliant move on Google's part to enlist the maker of KitKat to become Android's marketing partner. Let's have a look.

1. Apple has no counter, snide stuff offered to trade journals will not work unless Apple starts offering snide comments about Kitkat to candy industry journals..not very likely.

2. KitKat as a brand in the US has as much love among its consumers as Apple.

3. Demographics of the KitKat consumer also corresponds to the demographics of the android device buyer from early teens to mature adults.

4. Keeps Android 4.4 in people's minds for the next few months leading up to some holidays.

Monday, September 2, 2013

No actionBar

No ActionBar

I have a dream, a dream where the android UI of an application reacts to its user changing its visual styling to indicate its application state.

A dream in which a menu is reachable with one hand gesture operations with the device in my hand rather than having to juggle the device with two hands.

A dream in which the G-Bar(gesture based menu) visual styling both in hidden and reveal mode reflects the iconic brand implementing the android application.

Time to play and make it happen.