Saturday, December 8, 2012

Does your Android IDE look like this?

Does your Android IDE look like this?
Project files will be posted this evening so you can have the same exact look. For those on Linux systems you can still re use my css file and just rename it to the OS type that Eclipse is expecting and than place it in the hidden metadata folder in user home dir named .e4css and than set your system OS colors.

For those on Linux, I supply a bash script and gtkrc file to adjust system OS colors.

Would have been nice if Google spent the time on the adt-bundle do this styling as a bit of polish on it.

Cons, not all SWT CSS properties are exposed. See that heap status indicator at the middle of bottom status bar?  Its one of the things I am having trouble CSS styling because not every thing is exposed. I know its canvas thing and than some text on that canvas, but its not reachable via CSS as of yet.