Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Microsoft

Look Microsoft I am sure you are trying very hard but having your recruiter DRONES  attempt to get me to apply to be a Senior Android Developer for Microsoft in the Skype division might not be a very good idea. one, any firm that attacks Linux I hate.

And not just that basic hate but the hate that makes me do actions contrary to MS Business interests,like always make sure to run Unix or Linux. Even at times  purchase computer systems that have no sign of MS software on them.

Second, any firm that attacks Android through patent troll actions I will not work for at any time. To the point where I will just waste your recruiters time and make them look very foolish just for the pure joy of doing it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

End of Eclipse Torture

At Google IO the Intellij version of Android Studio was introduced which is based upon the community edition of Intellij with the new android gradle build system added.  And it appears the eclipse version of the ADT plugin will no longer  be updated past the 22 version.

I was a fan of the eclipse IDE for awhile, but eclipse has become this oppressive large beast that corrupts workspaces and other limits such as the one project and no sub projects in a project. At first try of Intellij it seems better laid  out UX wise of developer workflows and not the oppressive memory beast that Eclipse tends to be at times.

They even have a nice low price on the enterprise version. bye bye Eclipse IDE,hello IntelliJ.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ahead of GoogleIO

If I could have just one request of Google before GoogleIO it would be this..

Please learn what Modernism is to visual graphics and human interface design, preferred before the next major release of an android OS version.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mobile Tablet Future

I may or may not be making a startup pitch based on the subjects of this post in 14 days or less.  That somewhat means that there are some biases in that I think of no laptop world that may be the future for most computer users.

Bill Gates is frustrated, or is that post MS windows constipation in that most computer users hate MS Windows and have no desire to use it on their consumer device.  We see both huge strides in Apple iPad sales and Android tablet sales.

Here is a sobering thought what if tablets becomes the main mobile device and
smartphones becomes extinct?  I now hard to believe as we have about 2 billion smartphones world wide in use at this time.

If you observe mobile application trends you will notice that currently we have as many innovative apps in smartphones as well as tablets that are in high demand by users. Flipboard, etc.

With tablets we have more screen space, more storage space, better harnessing of     multi-cpus towards app processing power, etc. Users respond to owning a table by spending more time using it, effectively ti becomes the new TV tube. And because they want to use it more they have a deisre to do those things normally only done on laptops.

In less than 3 years storage space and device memory not to mention raw cpu power has doubled in the tablet device category. Same trend in smartphones took about 3 to 4 years depending upon which mobile OS you take your measurements from.

That is an opportunity to put more powerful apps in tablet consumers hands. I think we are seeing the very first part of that upward sloping curve.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mavenized Libs

I found a way to handle mavenized libs if you do not use Maven.  Works for those android project libs that you know you will never modify through extending in another android project lib.

In a new project you do a git sub-module to a mavenized lib like actionbarsherlock.  You than modify your ant build to run from the newly created parent project root referring to paths in the mavenized lib that is not a sub-directory via your git sub-module creation.

The trick in the paths modification would be to use basedir ant var as a placeholder as you cannot have nulls as anew var such as mybasedir and use antcontrib or antxtras ant lib to use a var that can be modified with var mavenized.lib.dir set if mavenized. Your init than would
check and see if that value is set and modify the path vars accordingly.

Yes, its very disgusting hack..tough shit. That is what hacks are for.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Look it takes hours for me to get back into programming when someone asks me to change contexts. Thus, I do not think i am too out of line when I ask that you, the startup, have enough ambition to understand that you are a stranger tome and that you might just have to pitch to me.  Just because you use startup words does not automatically grant you an audience with this android developer.

Give me something to believe in..I should not have take you by the hand and give you  directions on this subject.Android developers are $10,000 per month, at least one that you want working past 40 hours.