Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NewWave Marketing

I have figured out a new way to market dev skills/services to start-ups. At least I think it will work. Basically, I am doing a series of Medium articles showing developing an android application from the very first part to a medium sized prototype.

What convinced me to use Medium is the high user engagement rate as I was getting 60% of viewers reading the article and that is higher than viewers reading this blog, my twitter posts, my G+ posts, and even my Facebook posts.

Thus, tomorrow is my first post in that series on Medium.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jason Calacanis is Wrong on Google And Apple AGAIN!

Jason Spouts off again with out facts  but in most locations in the world we have to deal with facts. So lets go with this one, how much ad revenue does Google earn?

According to most sources its $60 Billion.

Now what is being used to replace that revenue? Its in-app purchases which is 98% of PlayStore revenue. Which by most estimations is $20 Billion for Google right now.

Now for that 3rd point, How much traffic does iOS uses generate for Google properties or those properties using Google ad services? iOS has 50% of US web traffic only. The only problem is the world wide internet traffic is 10 times the US amount.

Apple is not in the game to attack Google as that does not meet their long-term plans despite Jason Calacanis's untruthful biases(untruthful inn that they are not backed by facts and facts point towards the opposite sort of things)

Here is what Apple sees long-term, they want to become the app maker platform for those displaced by technology progress by enabling a greater mobile experience which in turn makes app makers more money. It has nothing to do with Google. Unless, you did a content site that was complained about to Google by a large portion of Google search users. Jason has been withholding knowledge of that fact for years.

come on Jason Calacanis deliver some effing facts!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

StartUps Who use Angel.co

If you are a startup and use Angel.co you might want to pay more attention as when us mobile developers find you not responding to our note stating that we are interested in your startup get the general idea to show interests in other startups who need mobile developers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

State Singletons

State Singletons is an article where I show a pattern in which the State Globals are not coupled but in a direct fashion with a one catch-all class that saves them integrating with the android life-cycles and the saving class is made singleton via a proxy and some app class wiring.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Recruiters, stop the emailing at closing time

Recruiters, stop emailing at closing time..I give the same damn reasons and the same rules I follow no matter what time of day you try to drive-by-email-spam me. Part of me doing a code audit and cleanup of 50+ android libs has proven that there is no correlation between listed experience and actually quality of android app code. Hence, I REFUSE TO BE A PART OF THE RECRUITER SCAM that makes the claim to a client that a recruiter can deteremine and find a quality android developer.

If you are a startup firm you should be demanding more for you recruiter than the usual lies they peddle.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A StartUp Puzzle

I thought it wold be interesting to see how many or which start-ups might recognize that putting some volatile 3rd party UI libs under some code clean up and management is an engineering solution to a problem every start-up faces in how to have the newest UI features in android without the huge manpower costs. Since putting up my github repo of 50+ cleaned up libs thus far I have received a marked upswing in interest from startups listed at Angle.co but no validated leads as of yet.

Come on startups, I only bite at Recruiters.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Apple did a horrible android App

So Apple decided to ignore material design and do an android app to migrate to iOS, apparently users were not pleased:

The ventureBeatPost

Contrast that with MS who have went all-in in embracing android.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Please Recruiters

Do not send me any more stuff about design agencies needing remote android developers as remote developers do not fit their business model and hence they are not seeking such things. It might help if you read my linkedin profile which states no recruiters in the first place.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Some people have noticed a report coming out on the the amount of time spent in mobile apps compared to TV:


The main take away is that we are spending almost 200 minutes in mobile apps while only 160 minutes watching TV.

But for mobile start-ups there is a more important indirectly relatable statistic, ie in-app sales. In-App sales in mobile applications just surpassed the search-ad industry in revenue.
This is important as due to screen space the freemium ad based model was never long-term sustainable as there is not enough space for ads and not enough click-throughs.

But, with this change to a new advertising medium of in-app
purchases we have a shift in where the ads occur and how they integrate.  We now have to treat the free application as the ad for the in-app purchase.

Thus, the in-app purchase of a feature has to feel like the premium feature you cannot live without. And the freemium app has to feel like its a usable application but while at the same time hint at having more features and power.

I have been talking before about the Elephant-in-the-room with technology progress in that start-ups do not answer the question of when technology disrupts full-time employment where are the
jobs or revenue for families going to come from?  What if its
coming up with a mobile app product and using the freemium model to sell in-app purchases?

Remember, folks, the estimate is that the USA is loosing 8 million jobs to technology progress yearly. Assuming that we may have 1 milliion in the USA already building mobile apps obviously we need to be higher in in-app purchases revenues as it comes out to less than $10,000 per developer. But, we are close to where that steep climb in part-time mobile app makers become revenue-enriched and that become a better business job-wise than the shitty part-time job they had.And unlike some GOP politicans both Apple and Google and Amazon can claim that there mobile app stores are job creation machines.

I am not saying that everyone is going to be rich like Trump. But, in 2016 there is projected to be $31 Billion in in-app sales. Or to put it another way that is the amount VCs invest in Chicago startups on a yearly basis...so its not yet a full national things just yet but its growing, right now $10 Billion in growth per year.  But, I think there is some room for some part-time mobile app makers to market a freemium app geared towards in-app purchases and get some coin for their families and at some point to quit that shitty 30-hour job they may have.

We need to call this something. Why? Because, in this strive towards that upward in-app mobile purchase revenue climb we are not going to get government help with thier focus on Billions Dollar Start-Ups. we essentially will have to create our own movement the brings non-developers together to help each other attain this.

Right now, the phrase that seems to fit is:


Its not a start-up as its smaller than a start-up and really has no plans to IPO as its just a small business run on the side to get coin for a family.  But, it does fit thes one person things of
making mobile apps.

I probably should do a changethis manifesto about this maybe..

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tech Bubble Popping

Remember fall of 2008? That nasty financial house-loan crisis that sent the World into recession.  Did the startup Bubble pop like all the nay-sayers said? NO.

The tech bubble is not on the financial side as with only allowing high-monied people to invest and high control of when one can IPO a startup the financial side is somewhat controlled from bursting.

But what is the one thing if taken away does in fact burst that tech bubble? The idea and co-founders labor source. What do I mean?

Start-ups, 99% of the time, get started by those without major debt. But, unlike previous decades we have a higher percentage of people in major debt. What happens when we run out of that source of co-founders? Exactly, the bubble bursts in terms of  the group of VCs and Angels now decides that the new ideas are not good enough and pulls back to invest only in established startups.

Remember, the last big hit in economic impact as far as consumer spending up-swing was when China in moved a whole bunch of labor from its less urban areas to its urban areas and that was close to 1 billion people.  The next economic increase like that will be India if it can get its act together in building out electric, sewage, and water systems nation-wide.

Once those consumers are on-line we have no other big economic increases in people turned into consumers. That coupled with increasing debt and a technological progress march that reduces
human jobs wil present a new set of challenges.

At that time we may see a startup bubble deflate due to no new ideas as the amount of people debt free to pursue startup ideas will be significantly less.

The only counter to this deflation seems to be the reliance upon the immaturity of our technological systems to form an efficient AI and the human desire of new services that make use of all the digital information we as humans and as firms produce in the actual form of small businesses making applications and new services in the pursuit of a small-piece of the American Dream.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

How to Standout Contacting Me

If you are a start-up in need of an android developer here is how to standout in an email to me:

1. Look at either my android demos videos or code and describe something you like.

2. Mention that the dev opportunity is remote and the start-up is fully funded.

3. Know the difference between an ART VM and ARM chip, if not than damn well ask someone smarter than you.

Since no-one else bothering me to do their recruiting jobs is doing this you will effectively standout in all the emails I get and move to the top of my list to be replied to.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Next Droid Development Device

So I will soon have some coin to pick up a new Droid Development Device:

Samsung S6 Edge

That is the GSM one via walmart online ordering, its $999 but I would get a 15 megapixel camera and the 64 gig internal memory. And its pre-installed with Android OS 5.0.2 and unlocked for GSM carriers with 4G LTE. I am very sure it has NFC, but walmart does not list that in the description.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

LowCost Oil Gone, Goodbye

Suddenly, Saudi Arabia blinked and is now letting Oil rise to $50 per barrel. I submit its more than a blink or wink in that Saudi Arabia never had enough spare cash to pay off OPEC to make it work.

The only question is what big item was SA trying to get USA to swallow?