Tuesday, December 4, 2012

EclipseDroidTheme Progress

Okay, here is the progress thus far on my EclipseDroidTheme:

Its relied upon with only one plugin dependency namely, the Chrome Theme plugin. As you notice the top portion of window still needs styling along with the image bar that ChromeTheme defaults to and some editor areas.

What I can do is enforce a Linux gtkrc file for just the Eclipse IDE which will fix rest of it. On windows you would change the default css file that ChromeTheme loads and rewrites. But I am on Linux so I will do this via a gtkrc file for my eclipse application.

The nice thing is that it will still work for Eclipse Keppler with minor adjustments as I am told they are fixing some of those issues that I am correcting.

Than of course borrow the com.android IDE splash and icons and I now have fully reasonable improved android IDE from the original. Yes will git publish my ChromeTheme epf settings.