Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Marketing Draft, LAUNCH THEIR LIVES

So now I took part of the working tagLine and did a draft of some ad copy about Android Application Development:



Mobile Applications are very different from Web Applications. Web Applications and Google Searches are about the INTENT to do SOMETHING.

Mobile Applications are more EMOTIONAL  in that LAUNCHING and RETELLING someone's LIFE in terms of THEIR HOPES, DREAMS, and ASPIRATIONS and steps and tools to obtain those things is what the MOBILE APPLICATION is all about. YOU WANT THEM to feel that the MOBILE APPLICATION they just downloaded and or bought gives them some steps and tools towards REALIZING THEIR DREAMS, HOPES, AMBITIONS, and ASPIRATIONS. If you do that in your Android Application than you will have those mobile application users for LIFE as far as them using your application on a monthly basis.

The other IMPORTANT aspect of LAUNCHING THEIR LIFE is that by transforming data to a new use or service one can provide resources in the form of tasks and steps that TRANSFORMS ones LIFE in doing a set of tasks of an activity.

But you need a structure of code that combines with a visual stunning GUI using HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY and HUMAN BIOLOGY that provides a framework that in little steps LAUNCHES THEIR LIVES in steps towards REALIZING THEIR DREAMS, HOPES, and AMBITIONS.


ANDROID and iOS are of course different mobile application platforms. ANDROID has some distinct advantages if you are in need of a fast way to do a POLISHED GUI MOBILE APPLICATION in fast amount of time. Some brief background into this area.

The C computer language was designed for constructing Operating Systems because programmers were tired of using Assembly Language that had to be optimized per CPU as C is CPU agnostic. With C++ the added more stuff to the C for OOP use.  ObjectiveC, which iOS uses, and Swift are still just layers on top of a COMPUTER LANGUAGE that is still oriented toward the Operating System creation way of doing things. Its still quite a bit in-flexible and not fast in code creation as far as creating Applications.

In ANDROID's case it uses the Java Computer Language which was designed to make it easy to build OOP applications without the in-flexible HEAVINESS of Systems Operating Programming C-way of doing things. This is one-half of the core reasons why I can take a 4-month estimate of completing an iOS application and state that the Android edition of the same mobile application will only take 2 to 3 months to develop.


The other HALF of DOING IT FASTER THAN iOS has to do with understanding that GUI mobile application have a-lot of boilerplate code to them and that one can build up a GUI and Mobile Application set of libraries to reduce, SIGNIFICANTLY, the amount of boilerplate code that has to be created. This goes to the heart of the GROTTWOKRSHOP difference in that I can create the Android Application faster than any iOS developer you can get to create the iOS application and that Android Application is structured in a way to assist the Android Mobile Device User to LAUNCH THEIR LIFE.

By LAUNCHING THEIR LIFE you can LAUNCH your start-up. By LAUNCHING THEIR LIFE you can LAUNCH that increase in productivity that saves your enterprise money. WILL YOU NOT TAKE THAT STEP TO LAUNCH THEIR LIVES?


It still needs some word-choice, word repetition and length tweaking. But its getting to the point of what one hopes to accomplish as far as a start-up or enterprise in asking some one to develop a mobile application for them.

SIDE NOTE: This marketing draft is somewhat in my tone and voice so copying it to attempt to use for yourself will not produce good results.  You need to do the work of figuring out a marketing hook for yourself and than the work of writing the ad copy.

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