Friday, December 28, 2012

Agile Project Management, new Tool

Part of the aspect of Agile Project Management is understanding the code repository/issue tracking/wiki/project website pages philosophy under-pinning such as service.  Github is not the same as Bitbucket, for example.

GitHub was founded with the philosophy that there should be no managers within the coding process. You see that in the design of how the particular services plugin together as there is no very rigid enforced workflow. Which is all fine and good as you get some more power in what you  can do but that power gets wasted if yo do not organize it even though we might want a manager-less system.

In Mythical Man Month Brooks talked about the systems they setup to manage projects, project cards, lists, etc.  I found this neat web service that attempts to implement that and seems to pull it off quite well:

The service is called and organizes each project into a board and into cards and lists. As the status changes for a card it moves from one list to another. The project management of people things about a project than happens somewhat organically.

But wait a minute. How do we integrate with commits, etc?  You could use itDuzzIt and their Trello to Github connector but they only have 20 transactions in their free plan. Now we come to a major difference between Bitbucket and Github that people overlook.

Github has taken the pain out of service hooks by doing all  the hard work, all you have to do is fill i few simple settings for Trello and authorize it by clicking on the consumer authorize token link in the repo service hook admin page. How is that for simple?