Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UX the droid way

The problem with starting UX innovation is that where do you stop?  So I am implementing blurred background in a certain manner and using some listeners to allow me to change the view background and actionbar background, etc upon changes in UI component states.

But If I want to do this right why not go all the way?  The Yahoo weather app uses a trick of overlaying imageviews and changing the background and adjusting the alpha. But this assumes that you are using a Flat graphics style.

See I want to expand that and use another imageview layer overlaid on top that allows me to change the visual tint or tone if you will and thus indicate another set of visual UI component states. For example, if the app depends upon getting data over a network connection than why not change the tint or tone of the UI visually to a light or medium red. Somewhat subtle in that we still use an alpha so it looks like red glass like.

What about overdraw? Its early in the experiment lets worry about that later.  See this is the problem I do not like staying within the rules, not if we can get to something more exciting.