Saturday, September 21, 2013

Social Startup Engineering

Okay so you want to do a social network app as a startup. Lets educate you.

What is the first example of a Social graph on internet?  Give up? Its that little search engine you use, yes tha tis right whne the search engine ranks an indexed page its creating a graph of nodes just like a social network and its the first disovery user interface for your app.

That measns you are smart enough to put in unclaimed accounts with information and than use a page that lists thaty as the search engine SEO landing page for your startup.  Anglelist did it so can you.

Once you have that completed you know understand that automating the process to place select high qualified SEO in both the share post title and the first sentence of the share content. Notice that its not visual, yeah that is the foundation not the visual candy on top or say reading the social network api and calling that a product.  Its the underlying system to get stuff in the social graph for a SPECIFIC purpose that is the PRODUCT.