Wednesday, September 4, 2013

StartUpBlues, Android

Frustrated, with startups that want android developers. I am coming up with a new Design language that fits android mobile development rather than some clone of iOS UX.

Part of it is figuring out what roles the actionbar, scrollbars, view backgrounds, etc can serve in visualizing states of the view UI components and application states. And on top of that being able to it in an across all android OS versions way.

The startups I seem to run into are a bit not fully aware where they are at progress wise and where they need to be. And to top it off they want to put shackles on the developers efforts towards anything resembling defining product and improving product.

The problem is UX is all about using the application user story as a way to improve the product the user interface. How can a startup as a startup even consider putting shackles on that  and yet have that in the job description?

See those drones up there in that picture? I do not want a user of an android application to ever become one of those drones. And I do not want to be shackled by a startup founder in producing a product that shackles any android device user.

I do not want an iphone and do not want any android application to look, feel and deliver an iOS UX experience to an android device user. I want to deliver an Android UX experience that is full of possibilities, freedom, and this visceral  and visual reaction to the UI reacting to the visual UI component state and the application state.

Where is the startup that wants this?