Saturday, September 14, 2013

LinkedIN The Startup api

The most interesting thing a startup could discover is a developer with a top linkedin viewed profile. Why?

Because the core component of developer product for a startup is not the developer code. Its can that developer discover out of all the features of a startup what the product might be that attracts users.

So what are my linkedin profile figures given that I am one of the top viewed developer profiles on linkedin?

Lest give the search first, that is about 140 appearances in LinkedIN search daily. Now for the profile views daily number, that is hovering around 50. Or to put it another way, that is 35% click-through-rates. If you are a startup would you not like to know how to get 35% click through?

With social platforms and mobile platforms becoming the foundation pillars of user arbitration, especially new users would it not be a wise move by a startup to find out how this is done?