Monday, January 21, 2013

Android Ivy

So I am creating my own Ivy Repo and wanted to jot down some things. Core benefits to creating your own Ivy Repo for android application development:

Control, as you will find that some bonehead in some project(yeah you Guice and the guice_no_aop) changes a module release to no longer be its own single module and thus you will have to re-enable such a thing for android application development, well at least in your ivy repo.

Organization, as you can organize parent modules in such a way that the normal workflows you have in using/re-using certain components becomes a module and thus you only need to add one line in the project ivy file for the module inclusion instead of a massively large project ivy file.

Ease of build script writing, as Ivy has ant tasks and types that allow you as the build script writer to grab the configuration container objects and items and thus you no longer have to do those large path container objects. Also, most IDEs have an ivy plugin to allow you to grab the same container objects to put in the project's classpath.