Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Enterprise for Android

It used to be that if you wanted to deploy mobile devices for an enterprise with their own apps internal to the company and tracking of access to those applications and users of the devices you might choose a closed source solution with heavy amounts of service fee contracts and several customization contracts.  Than there was always the aspect that the customization is not easy and was limited by the sandbox closed source puts you into accepting.

Now, yes we cannot fully realize an easy way to set up an appstore for internal company apps, lock down iphones, and really create a company set of iphone iOS devices with customization. We can get close in that we can get a C++ version of OSGi running on iphone and even iOS apps with OSGi embedded. But that as fa as we can go, not true with android.

Thus, what would the development processes and workflow look like to develop an android OSGi enabled app store for a company and the accessories such as the CompanyHomeScreen app and CompanyAppStore app? How could you handle  device/user access to limited apps in the CompanyAppStore and track how the devices are used and miss-used using the CompanyAppStore installed on the device?

These and many more are all android deployed to enterprise questions that have interesting answers but also empowering answers of getting and receiving more power to empower employees and empower a company deploying to just android rather than deploy two or more mobile platforms. Is it a book our courseware yet?

At this point its neither a book or courseware. But, I think that starting an EnterpriseHomeScreen app and doing some articles and slides on new processes, techniques can help me figure out how to get to the book and courseware stage. Using OSGi and several other enterprise things just opens up so many possibilities beyond just the flimsy limited iJetty web apps yo could do on Android as far as what is possible in the enterprise environment.

So now you know the other set of reason for my recent side project activity of a LandSlideTheme project, and ivy repo, etc as its organizing and planning for a new direction and push.