Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goodbye to the Next Mark Z

Its with sad news that we are presented this  morning with news of Aaron Swartz's untimely passing. While many will speculate, lest end the sepcualtion.

Aaron Swartz was the closest to the next Mark Z as far as not in monetary terms but in innovations in INTERNET FREEDOM. He demanded the over-turning of the status quo while at the same time giving back that new additional awarded internet freedom back to its internet users.

Young people of the mobile internet generation, its Aaron Swartz that you should emulate both in passion and giving control of freedom to its greatest benefactors, everyone.  We will miss you Aaron.

When pubic journal articles produced with tax payer money was not free to access via the internet he took it upon himself to right that wrong. Internet freedom and freedom to access public money produced articles should never be a felony under any acceptable set of ideas not matter where the money for those political ideas comes from.

Its now more important than ever as we reach a situation whereas a large portion of the internet audience views information via a mobile application rather true unrestricted internet web access. Will the young generations to come have the courage to avoid the startup riches and instead to strike out towards new adventures in reviving internet access and internet freedoms?

I hope we are certainly not doomed, it would be a nice tribute to Aaron if we see more revival of internet access and internet freedoms.