Friday, February 1, 2013

ChartBoost are idiots

Got a weird email from the CTO of ChartBoost.  The claim in the email was that the CTO was impressed with my android skills.

Well the problem with that is that its a direct lie as the CTO never viewed my code repos or application demos, all told to get a developer to fall for it an enter a job application process because the have not hired the internal recruiter yet(and what is wrong with learning how to properly recruit, Sean?).

If you are a startup do me a favor and all android developers a favor and realize that we are busy building stuff and do not have time or the 5-year old like in kindergarten lying games. Better yet if its a senior position and yo do not know the skills yet of the android developer but they talk a good game than go to their location and break beard with them. Its the preferred method we like to be asked.

Also, if its out of state have enough brains to understand that some developers may prefer the sit-down-meal form of asking.