Friday, January 11, 2013


Some tools/projects being pushed out. I have collected some opensource fonts into one project, called FontThis. The specimen pages will be completed later. A HTML5Slides theme project using Landslide, called LandSlideThemes that I will finish on the weekend.

Why not S6? Gerald Bauer, S6 project author, is a former javaLobby user like me back in the glory days of javaLobby we spared along with several Sun employees over ways to open source java. Actually at times I do use both LandSlide and S6 so at some point I will be completing some new S6 themes as a side project.

Than its finish the GWSIvyRepo on the weekend and few other goodies. The idea is to get these tools done and usable form so that I can push out some other things.

What other things? I have been looking at how I want to teach android application development. Part of me wants to do it in the Kathy Sierra style of using all the new education and training theories.  Also part of me wants to explore the aspect of teaching android application development via the command line.

Via the command line, are you nuts? All my learning of different things math, computer science, etc was completed without the modern tools. When training is begun or started with those modern tools it interferes with the establishment of foundation skills. Many of you still do not have adequate debug skills due to using modern tools early in the training process rather than be forced to develop certain foundation skills.

Zed Shaw has a nice gitorious code repo of his templates he used to Do IT The Hard way programming series that he is famous for and so it would be easy to modify those templates to begin something like this.

Along the way there will of course be some free goodies, hence the sidebars with slide widgets, etc.