Friday, September 30, 2016

Google Dumb Android Developer Documentation Errors by DUMB GOOGLE Engineers

Okay, this going to be an effing rant. Fair warning Google Enginners you wlll not like what I say. But, in the spirit for better android developer docuemntation for beginning android devlopers I must state it!

First let's travel to the beginning android developers mind. The Android SDK no longer distributes android app samples and the beginning android developer is suppose to get those from the the
google github account repos.  So the beginning android developer than is trained to expect that is android dcoumentation too. All good in theory, no? What could go wrong?

Now would it not be very bad if we had say Google app architecture samepls that in-fact do not compile but instead throw up android app dependency conflicts that could have been prevented if just the simple damn thing of just running a gradle build to test if the gradle script works?

Are Google Engineers this stupid? Want an example?

and its quite easy to correct as all I had to do was change some of the dependency lines to:

Hey Google effing run a damn effing build on your gradle scripts to make sure they work in the damn effing samples as you are making every aspiring android GDE candidate look very stupid, not to mention yourselves, and we prefer to not look that damn stupid!

Or does Google stand for God oh oh god Lazy Engineers?!

Developer Documentation should be damn effing Job_one not Job Last!

I once was what is called a corporate trainer back when STEEL in the US still had hope And the reason why the client corporation(A STEEL PRODUCER) liked me was that I GAVE A DAMN ABOUT THE STUDENT to such a point that the documentation for the class became very usefull to those students.

It sickens me when I see crap like this, the developer documentation both the docs and the code samples should not have IDIOT ERRORS LIKE THIS IN BUILD SCRRIPTS! And some stupid Google Engineer will state the excuse that well subject A was reviewed and changed in the code review and not in the Android Studio as if that is an appriopriate excuse, it is NOT!