Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fluid UIs VI

Now the gritty part of improving GWSFluidx. In the original code author's project that I am borrowing the code and concepts from he had hard-wired the display of the load times within the demo application.

Well, that really is not really compatable with what normally I put in a debug drawer to execute on the debug gradle build flavor to debug the app. Maybe its as simple as putting a set of tags around the timing log statements and than picking that up in the
debug drawer and displaying it?

Well, I did get two abstract AsyncTaskLoaders developed. One is for just simple loading data and one is the same thing but uses an Intent to broadcast. Still have the CursorLoader to deal with, however. Why one that broadcasts an Intent? Because I think may have to do that to support loading data from SQLIte or Realm as I do not want to double the methods of the library by doing the bonehead implementation of modifying the adapters to support SQLIte and realm.

On the article front, just finishing plugging in all the background information, etc to make it a polished Android dev article for my post on Should be published labor Day Weekend.