Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Demo and Book progress-the reorg

Okay, so I am doing some android app demos that show a certain gradle build work-flow style and a certain android java app work-flow. I have re-organized them from what they were you may at least want to check out the gradle set-up:


GreenAndroids is the Task app demo. RedAndroids is the WikiNote app demo. BlackAndroids is the Wizard Form App demo in the them of an online SandWich Shop Ordering App.

The whole idea as far as work-flow is that I can show the advacne android dev book readers the demo apps as examples of an advance gradle android app workflow as far as development.

The two android dev books are getting re-organized into two git repos:



I had to do that as GitBook tooling only recognizes one book per repo at a time. But, if any of you are thinking about using GitBook tooling for documenting a project you might want to take a look at the set-up.

The whole set of ideas in concept with these projects is that I want to present a Strong Set Of Signals to potential clients that they are conversing with an Android App Developer Expert. I somewhat disagree with the lazy DesignShop approach of just listing their top clients as the set of strong signals.

As side benefit me producing code samples and apps fro both development books and updating those samples after each new edition of Android OS means that I am at the exact same level of expertise such as Mark Murphy of CommonWare LLC and BusyCoder's book series fame.

Sure I regularly score in the top 10% at StackOverflow but that is just not enough as far as strong signals to use as marketing my skill-set.

The side benefits is that it forces me to come up with some tools such as full debug drawer and a full spec overlay tool for enforcing UI design specs.

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