Monday, December 7, 2015

Music App-In-Progress

Last year, I did some work for a music start-up. So I wanted to get back to some of the development puzzles I encountered last year and take another direction in solving them.

So I broke down things, first was to break down the back-ported UI feature libs into those I know I had to use but also audit them and clean them up so they work as advertised.

Second, was getting a reliable set of gradle build scripts that sort of match the development workflow I was implementing. App has several product flavors for debugging both code and design.

Third, was working out a implementation strategy as music apps like some android applications has many different devices and with the re-introduction of AndroidTV it gives me a chance to work out how to handle something that along with Amazon store and devices might have 3 to 5 different apps.  My idea is to implement the music player BO's in a separate library.

That way I can vary the UI of the two UI components of the player across devices and apps and I can have an adaptable UI that spans well the different aspects of android TV, auto, wear, etc.

So rest of December this blog will be filled with screen shots, code, etc of that music app in progress.

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