Monday, January 4, 2016

The Worldview, to go with the TagLine

Okay, so some of you read some ad copy draft I did of my tagLine and my attempt to come up with a story.The problem is it does not address the worldview of my target audience..that is VCs, Angels, and Start-up co-founders.

First. there is  a set of worldviews at work when a start-up decides to use a developer or firm to build their android application. its why some of those same developers or firms buy a Mac laptop.

Not, because they believe that worldview but because their potential clients have a worldview that a mac laptop means you can create a product. A product in this case means the whole thing together including the marketing story and the marketing conversation, the product itself, and any services that are integrated with the product.

But, than again those folks design their product instead of discovering the mobile device users product.Not ask everyone to change their worldview as that will not work. But, there is a contingent of VCs, Angels, and Start-up co-founders already questioning this worldview in a world of a Million plus mobile apps in a Mobile app Store. So the trick would be to frame my story towards that worldview and than give those VCs, Angels, and startup co-founders the tools to re-tell my story.

And I have to deal with the difference between iOS users and Android users.

Lets see, framing the story:

Launch Their Lives, without Limits

I am taking the worldview that the start-up co-founder already has and inviting them to turn-that-on-its-ear and launch the mobile app users lives and differentiate the different between iOS users and Android users with Without Limits..

Still word choices is it

without Limits

No Limits

without bounds

No Ceiling

its probably    No Limits

and what is left is writing some ad copy to take that message and emphasize parts of it.

Launch their Lives, No Limits

Its mobile but should not be limiting, using the connected technology..servers/services/etc to
overcome the limits of the mobile platform and transform something into launching their lives.

Its not an extension of An-interrupt-One-Way-Marketing-Conversation but an idea amplifier that beckons the audience to  Go What is that new Thing and We Should Lean and Move Towards It..