Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Do I code?

Last week and this week had this weird email conversation with a start-up where they did not understand that I would not go through a broken application process based on throw-away-sentences offered to me and they did not understand that I enjoy coding and do in fact code as a habit and thing of joy.

So why do I code? Its a set of puzzles to me that I can solve in a certain manner this is different from anyone else. Not to mention, there is a certain joy of building something than using it. Plus there is that engineering challenge can you produce something that is better maintained and less breakable than before.

If you watch a basketball game or a racing car event do you want to watch or to do the actual event? I do not watch sports as I do them, the same goes for anything else. Some watch big cats on tv, not me I go the a big cat sanctuary and walk among the big cats, that was one of a big impressionable cool thing that I did. The place is at here.

This is why I ask for a paid subway meal at my local Subway when a start-up wants to talk to me as I am a doer not effing paper pushing processor.