Sunday, March 2, 2014

What I Want In a StartUP

There is a body of related development components,processes, etc that combined the right way will transform the android UI from where its at now to the smooth UI that is faster than iphone. And of course I am in the middle of finishing libraries and processes that will bring that to reality.

There are so many well-funded startups wanting android developers that the normal HR processes do not work and are somewhat broken. If you want me to devote some of my time to you than you might want to actually listen to what I want and maybe find a way to give those things that I request to me.

1. A temp email addy from a auto-resume service and the request for phone number to schedule a talk means that I will spend about 7 minutes, half before the scheduled time and half after, waiting on you and than its SEE YOU LATER. Why? Because instead of doing research on me you are attempting to make me do your work for you I already get that from recruiters spam. If you cannot verify my skills already by looking at my github and my Stackoverflow accounts(I am at the top 13%) than sorry its of no use to talk to YOU!

2. Typical equipment to do my job costs from $9000 to $17,000 or more. That means that in a remote work situation that gets added to the salary costs not somehow we do a sins of omission to cheat me out of it not being paid. If you cannot afford that salary plus equipment than you might want to explore other options instead of wasting my time and your time.

3. You will only convince me to move to your company if you come to my local subway and buy me a meal and convince me. In other words I AM TELLING YOU TO RECRUIT ME TO MOVE TO YOUR COMPANY AND NOT SPAM ME TO MOVE TO YOUR COMPANY.

If you cannot listen to the above, THAN EAT SHIT AND DIE MFer.