Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What A Mobile Dev/Designer Is

Why go through coding/curating a UX/UI library for android? Other than obvious need to use it to prototype several applications must be a reason other than its not there, right?

I am looking for the startup founder that gets what a designer/developer on the front end is. Some of you have peers or friends in web design/development and you see the pattern of becoming adapt with a front end stack by playing around with libraries and developing new ones. Its the same on the mobile native front end as well.

Someone that processes stuff and never builds and never immerses themselves with the build process never gets this. This is why I avoid recruiters as there is nothing in it for me or you to spend time explaining it to them.

The other reason is that it feeds the api changes of the different android versions into something that I will remember and use again and again.  This is also why you should be wary of those who ask for an application example as the whole process is half the equation and without the understanding that aspect of the equation you get a mismatch of results and expectations...ie the old dictate wrong design to the developer or designer.