Wednesday, October 2, 2013

UI obssessing

So got released so now I can put together fully the UI library have been obsessing about for awhile. Screenshots to be forthcoming.

The interesting thing is I have all these damn emails from recruiters; got to see an updated resume, got to go to their location, etc. None of that matters to UI application development on android. What matters on android is using that java knowledge and digging through android source code and learning internals of android to craft new solutions to UI challenges.

And I am sorry I can pretend I like other programming just as much as I do figuring out how to solve an UI challenge on android, but its still somewhat lying. For example, one aspect I have found is the aspect of increasing callbacks seems to negatively impact the butter fast speed of the UI.

The anti-pattern idea is to extend the bus concept in that you are not just doing java classes that represent events but also represent commands in a MVC-MVVP set of patterns as we have two or more things in that we can scope the event objects on the bus by lifecycle of the fragment itself or the fragment activity or the lifecycle of the application itself.

Back to code, screenshots and videos coming soon.