Tuesday, October 8, 2013


When requesting talk time to ask me about becoming a tech cofounder for a Chicago startup please respect my time since you are wanting to make a short cut and choose someone in days rather than take months.  We as developers have a vocation in which we choose problems to solve by writing code and write the code as our daily vocational habit.

When you as a startup disturb that habit because you cannot figure out what a digital calendar and invite system is in relation to setting up an meeting or interview than most of us have to say that your startup execution becomes somewhat questionable to say the least.

This is not your freshmen's year of college. Its somewhat like you are asking someone to marry you blind, its not going to happen by itself you will have to earn the trust of the developer by doing those things that denote trust. And if you cannot respect the developers skills by understanding that developer is getting asked daily to do things for firms than maybe you should not talk to that developer.