Thursday, October 31, 2013

Basketball Startup Mentality

The two top winning NCAA coaches server at Indiana colleges getting those wins that is Bobby Knight with Indiana University and Gene Keady with Purdue University. What is often forgotten or not highlighted as much is the results of their dedicated to preparation off the courts.

Coach Knight while at IU has a 98% of players graduating with a 4 year degree, the average for the NCAA is 42%. While Keady when at PU has a 78% of players graduating with a 4 year degree. Both are records with the NCAA.

I see daily startup people miss-use the pivot term so lets correct that with preparation:

BasketballHoop= Market and Customer Fit potential
Basketball = startup idea
Center Pivoting=startup non tech founder pivoting for a better angle of attack on idea
Guard Receiving The Pass= tech founder with different viewpoint unobstructed by obstacles
Opponent=obstacles to market and customer fit

Pivot only works if team can accept new viewpoints to get a better unobstructed view of market and customer fit. In the case of one idea, one viewpoint that never works and soon burns out after a weak effort towards market and customer fit.

Prepare for startups like preparing for winning basketball both on the court of startups and off the court of startups.  Over prepare...and if you cannot over prepare than damn effing stop using a basketball term you fail to understand.