Monday, February 25, 2013

my Red Fedora

Sorry for the lack of posts as I wanted to think about something for awhile. I did end up applying for the Red Hat Boston Android Developer remote opening.

Not that I think I will get as there are some 210 applicants and I am assuming that means there might be 21 better than me. More of a check to see what areas of android application coding I might be weak in or what other frameworks I  might not be exposed to at this time.

Red Hat is one of the  10 startups that I respect. I do not always agree with their decisions, the secure boot solution is the wrong one and they need to come up with a better one that puts them in control of singing PE binaries.

But, overall I know Red Hat has the FLOSS developers back and that is very important to me.Plus, compared to the bug ridden Ubuntu UI I am loving using Fedora. And I miss coding in J2ee not just java but also groovy, and the tooling. This would put me back into doing both mobile and jsee at the same time eventually.

So if you see me post a picture of me in a Red Hat Fedora and name tag you know that I probably got the position.