Monday, October 24, 2016

Remote Freelancing Strategies

You see every online freelancer place like Elance, UpWork, etc claim that they are the ones that get the most gigs. And yet, if you add all those numerical claims of the most freelancers they come to somewhat past 8 billion people and the world does not have 8 billion peopel as of yet.

And, I have yet to find any successful freelancer that is actually using those sties.

Thus, my set of strategies is somewhat different.

Number One, I search for those people that are nodes in the start-up and business communities that happen to have a need to be seen as knowing moible UX skilled devs. Typically, these are people who have previously co-founded start-ups and are now strategy consultants.

At this stage, I have to find those who are somewhat a bit hungry and new as strategy consultants. My online portfolio is than being structured to show what a high engagement Android UX app experience is about as that is an immediate start-up problem to solve that affects the future of that start-up.

Than I let those start-up strategy consultants think its the strategy that they have come up[ with, ie Android first as Android has 80% market share in the USA.

Why not post in HN or the numerous BuiltINCity-Sites?  Because, at the stage they start to consider developing an android app first they, ie the co-founders, are not reading those sites to helop find someone as the strategy consultant is already suggesting someone. And that strategy consultant also may be a VC or Angel investor.

Which Tech and Start-Up Hubs? I chose two start-up hubs near me to start, the big one Chicago and the a small one Indianapolis. Chicago is one the cusp to becoem bigger than NYC in about 5 years from now so it is probably a good choice.

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