Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Android App Dev as a Service??

AS I finish the UI-UX-Material Design library full of module this week I and get ready to start cranking out UI-UX demos, I still have the glarring hole of how to pitch Android App Development as this long-term Service Offering.

Let me explain, like ELIA5...

In the long-term, say a decade or more, one wants to decrease the android app development by being able  to predict where the UX changes will occur and thus pre-plan in your android app UI-UX implementations both those choices and the choices of libraries used, etc.

The goal of course is for the firm receiving the android app development services over a decade or more to view me as the one migating the risk of the UX style changing among android app users and of course migating the liabilities of depending upon a whole bunch of 3rd party libraries(android UX tends to use 25 out of 60 3rd party libraries).

Certain IT Shops and Design Shops in the Chicago market are lazily using the reputation and brand of their most famous Fortune 500 clients as the marketing message. Part of the reason is its a simple thing to use with almost no explanation needed.

I think what I need to is use UX-UI demos and highlight its just something from the GrottWorkShop magic lab of Android UX coolness. Its easier in explanation and uses their worldview to get to them to sign on with something that is in their long-term best interests.

And the nice thing with that is that the IT Shops and Design Shops are relying upon reputation of the Fortune500 client rather than showing UX demos so it should translate into an advantage.

How long did it take to currate, audit, and figure out how the 3rd party UX-UI libraries fit togetehr to be backward and forward compatible? Awhile, it did not occur in an hour or a day.

As far as UX-UI demos lined up to be shown in November, we have:

1. DebugDrawer, as it represents at most a naviagational drawer and uses animation effects to draw attention to content.
2. Certain Menu and  Contextual tool bars as they focus attention on user choices.
3. An onboarding app tour guide that introduces the android app user to the app.

I think those UX-UI demos offer a good peek at the UX techniques used to increase user engagement and that is the major thing I have to highlight in this mature mobile app market we have in the USA and Europe with potential clients.

What is nice is the full app demos with the source, apk, etc than also serve the duel function of gettign Google to award me an Android GDE certification after those projects have been code reviewed by Google. At some point that will be anice marketing tool to have earned.

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