Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mobile Apps:5 Channels or 5,000 Channels

The last peak of VC investment in mobile start-ups was in the year 2012. While certainly VCs stop investing due to not finding enough viable mobile start-up ideas, that did not answer the underlying question.

Mobile Apps Are they 5 Channels or 5,000 Channels?

If its 5 channels than we should see a leveling off of things like AI services, cloud services, etc among MS, Apple, Google, and others. If its instead close to 5,000 channels than we should see an increase in efforts for those services including investments.

Guess what we see? Yes, everyone doubling down on investments in these areas and some such as Apple playing catch up.

Remember folks, VCs maintain a 5 year or less outlook as usually they are 5 years into their FUND in searching for things to invest in as their funds only usually run ten years. Apple, MS, Google, etc are looking at in contrast 25 year windows.