Saturday, August 8, 2015

MobileApp State of the Nation

In 1985 a song came out by John Cougar Mellencamp called Face-of-Nation in which during the recession and Reagan as president, he blasted the GOP reaction of ignoring the poor and the working classes.  Here it is another recession, this time world-wide, and we are starting to see the beginning of the effects of automation in that there are less jobs for us humans.

Everyone is worried that less jobs for humans might be a bad thing.  But, we forgotten some important elements and trends that may lead us to a brighter future.  As human-kind is put online we as humans in our business and public and private lives produce a lot of information.

The disadvantage of our technological state right now is that no system or systems have a mature enough computer language and or AI to automatically adjust to the new data in the act of organizing and transforming it. In short words people are making mobile applications to organize and transform this data in the task of feeding this human-kind-internet beast.

Which means we will see more small businesses making mobile applications as a means to earn revenues and profits. That means there is a mix and symbiotic relationship between the big platform start-ups like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc and the mobile application makers.

It is not a big-start-up-fits-everything type of evolution.  And that also dovetails into how we should approach both providing capital and providing education resources as we need both capital raised for big start-ups and the small mobile app makers and we need both those who just learn the basics of coding and those who make the higher sacrifice and actually go through the full process of completing a computer science degree.

I do not have all the answers for you, I just know that given certain trends that we are doing it wrong in this big all-encompassing focus on big start-ups. As we need both the big platform start-ups, the middle-sized start-ups, and the mobile application makers that integrate with those and have success as small businesses.