Thursday, August 13, 2015 UI Sucks

Not the site mission but the overall implementation of the user-Interface.  We are suppose to be able to search the site to find those start-ups that are funded and that are offering dev positions with salary amounts and stock potion amounts listed.

The distinct problem is that when most start-ups lie about salary, ie they are not funded to the point of paying that salary, the current User-Interface becomes this prison of lying games.

The other aspect is that when start-ups do not get adequate funds to cover any operational costs they instead refuse to list the investment round amount. So it becomes a game of hide and seek in determining any funding amounts.

And quite frankly it's a truth in advertising issue or FTC issue if a start-up is listing salary on a job posting ad and has no money to pay for such a salary. And it's just as bad as someone coming into your email inbox and claiming your skills fit a job when they have no idea what your skills are or what the job skills are of the job they are peddling.

This is why I am looking for that start-up that refuses to use recruiters and HR to find an android developer as they than already understand the marketing problem and are willing to go all-out to solve it. That means something in terms of user advocacy in that is more probable that start-up will give a shit about the product in terms of the user as they understand the marketing impact when they do not have the full detailed attention of the co-founders brought to bear on the problem.

And quite frankly the caring about the marketing of the start-up and the advocacy of the user of the products has to come from the top  of the start-up at the level of the co-founders. With having to act as a un-breakable team the individual teeam members do not have the political power to correct marketing or user treatment if it does not flow from the top-down.

I want to find a start-up that gets this and quite frankly the UI is in the way of that task.