Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Freelance Marketing

You know it's funny, we have certain freelance sites that seem to better to cater to developers in wanting to see developers well-paid like Upwork, Toptal, Gun.io, etc.  But, if we search github or even Behance we do not find the other full marketing piece.

What I mean by a full marketing piece is that if one is using these freelance sites to hopefully write a RFP that gets the result of a gig awarded than one would want this full marketing piece that will with the choices of visual demos and polished website ad copy viscerally hit the intended marketing target in such a way to cause that target full read the RFP rather than scan or glance at it.

While I can do type of systems study and find out when gigs get listed at these freelance sites(some are even easier to figure out..gun.io was somewhat simple even), its still that visual visceral reaction that I need to trigger to get-the-door-open.

This is why I insist in talking to co-founders rather than recruiters as recruiters have no sense of product or marketing. And quite frankly, throwing it at the wall to see what sticks is not marketing. Its more of the interruption spam that we see on TV and hear on radio.

Co-founders have a sense of product and marketing and I somewhat like those conversations about techniques.  But to get back to thing-at-hand, the reason why I have been figuring out how certain libraries and widgets work is that I need to collect all those things in my own massive project that than shows demos covering certain areas of android native java application development in a certain visual way.

Than I can take those visual items and add ad copy to that in a nice github page that get's seen first during the quick scan of the RFP that every potential client does. The reason I do not think the RFP matters that much as most freelance sites have divorced the developer interaction during the request for proposals document preparation to such an extent that its better to hit them visually with something stunning and than just some bullet points in the RFP. As you will end up redoing the RFP anyway when you write the contract in that you will ask all the questions that the client did not answer before and re-write the RFP you did in terms of assumptions, weekly milestones, etc.