Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Story of the WeEat Mobile Application

I loss some family members due medical condtions brought on indirectly and directly by wrong or poor diet choices. The most recent was my cousin Tony due to diabetes and he was only 42 years old when he died this past April.

At first I wanted to do a diabetes mobile application that would hook into the REST api that most stomach insulin pumps have to better facilitate the monitoring of diabetes.  But, that would require some resources that I currently do not have an abundance of thus I searched for another product to create that would overlap areas  such as diabetes, etc.

And so I started reading franchise restaurant and grocery industry periodicals and every trending story was about more Americans eating out at franchise restaurants and grocery stores responding by putting franchise restaurants in grocery stores. And so the thinking was is there a fragmented data-set attached to that trend?

So I found one fragmented data-set, the nutirtiional menu item information. And than I started visualizing how that data could be re-organized and re-visualized for choosing better menu items according to a user's diet preferences which they would set in the application. And I started to see that it was possible to do that in such a way to totally transform the act of franchise restaurant menu food item choices activity into something somewhat fun for all dieters.