Saturday, April 18, 2015

Linkedin Assylum

So LinkedIN unrestricted my account finally. But it was very Dilbert-esque drama, in that I had to send a one sentence acknowledging following LinekdIN's TOS.

The majority of problems is not with Internal recruiters. In fact I have never had problems with internal recruiters as they follow the professional best practices and do not contact people who are marked freelance in their LinkedIn profiles.

The problem is two-fold. One, you have all these independent recruiters in a hurry so they do what is called a spam-drive-by in that they never fully read a LinkedIN profile and resume attached to it but instead just send out their opportunity posting en-mass. I say recruiter, but that really is not correct. The one's abusing the LinkedIN system are the lower-level sourcers hired by the independent recruiters to produce a lead-stream. Yes, confusing because they use the same exact recruiter title.

Two, LinkedIN users have no way to fine-tune which leads to receive in that its either all-on receive messages from everyone and THE LINKEDIN USER spending all the manual time sorting through messages. Even worse is the solution of recruiter spam to tell each LinkedIN user to mark the messages spam as unless it is very blatant such as an ad in the message, LinkedIN staff will never restrict the recruiter account based on a user pressing the mark as spam message action choice.

So what is the solution? One, I signed up with XING. But even than will probably be the same set of problems.  So I am creating a Mail List for that purpose as it will indicate when I finish a gig/project and be listed as the main interaction way in my LinkedIN and XING profiles.  That way it will filter out rest of the recruiter scum while at the same time still allow me to funnel any LinkedIN and XING leads to the platform I control and thus I can enforce what interactions are allowed and be somewhat not spammed and allow me to reduce the manual work at sorting leads from LinkedIn and XING.