Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Programmer Meal App

So I have always wondered about lifestyle apps, those apps someone creates that pay that person's lifestyle with somewhat minimal upkeep of the app.  I think I will try a cooking app.

What I mean by cooking app is that the recipes are in database form so that the app can calculate and generate a grocery list when you tell it your weekly meal plan based on the recipes in the app. Not a billion or million downloads but it should be nough downloads and in-app purchases to help pay for something.

Programmers are somewhat bad at cooking and that bad technique than bleeds into poor diet habits and other unhealthy stuff. If the meal app covvered just some basics in cooking with some flexible meal recipes that might just be the right thing to put out there.

And I have to do this creatively as I do need UX app demos out there for my own marketing purposes. So I can do a Programmers unhealthy Meal App first somewhat as a joke and not worry that someone is copying it, thus it protects my real app and real trademark with that app as than its hidden by obfuscation as its not that unhealthy meal app.

I still need an app name, even if its a UX demo...


The challenge part is the portion conversions of the ingredients so that I can have the app compute the grocery list based off of the users defined weekly meal plan.