Saturday, June 18, 2016


Let's just say I found a way to sort of tell the story of preparing for getting android users for an android app in a very crowded situation. Its very similar to the baseball movie called moneyball. The IT shops and Design shops do not have the answer and that is why in the past 24 months they have removed highlighting their own android apps and only highlight the customer brands and not the app in all their advertising.

Part of the answer is what I have been doing all along in collecting together 50+ back ported UI libraries and coupling that with some tools to reduce boilerplate. That difference in developer workflow than allows that time savings to be leveraged into A/B testing of visual designs and app workflows which is where the real app users come from in a now crowded market as the one that has the right app workflow and visually stunning app now stands out.

I found a place that has that type of world-frame-of-reference so now its some heavy duty writing of the sales presentation to get the sale. A little different trip in that it means I might be moving to SV, but its a nice new adventure...YEAH!

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