Tuesday, February 23, 2016

UI KIts for Android

So I am at the beginning of prototyping the UI of several applications and I am finding that I do not have an adequate UI kit of the UI elements in PSD form. Taylor Ling has in the past done some exceptional UI kits for ICS and Kitkat releases but has not completed one for either the L or M releases.

And the good news is while their will be tweaks for Android 7.0, which will be previewed I imagine in the fall of 2016, there will not be any massive design changes.  So if I compete an UI kit for Android for Material Design it will be around and used for awhile.

So I am completing one in the next 2 weeks that will cover Android Phone, Tablets, Wear, TV, and Auto.

Many of you are in a situation where you are in the progress of learning android or you know java programming and are picking up android as you see the opportunity to complete an android application and sell it via In-App-Purchasing to earn money for your family or earn money to establish a small business.

I am asking you to take 60 seconds and go to

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And on that page click on every social network link and do follow me as it shows me that the free things you will download from me are appreciated and wanted. And I do return the follows so it will help increase your followers.

Side Note: Currently, I do not have access to those devices that use custom UI themes such as Samsung, Amazon Devices, etc. Thus the UI Kit will not include that set of visual elements. If I do get those devices at some point in the future than the UI Kit will be updated to include that set of visual elements.

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