Thursday, February 18, 2016

Material Design Color Palette

So I am reversing my previous prohibition in coming up with a Material Design Color Palette because so many do not understand the underlying design theories and developers are still making some other mistakes.  I am creating a Medium Android Application Development Material Design Color Palette article that steps everyone through the process of creating a Material Design Color Palette.

The article will first start with the basic set-up and introduce the color theories involved and than show that the  SUGGESTED Material Design Color Palette in Material Design Guidelines is just a suggestion and that you can come up with your own Material Design Color Palette that has a more depth of colors to the palette.

I have stated before that the visual style of the color matching is somewhat baroque in its visual nature. But, its more than that because visual design in media tends to repeat artistic style explorations of the visual physical arts such as painting as we went from neoimpressionist to baroque. Neoimpressionist was the little dots somewhat like non-laser printing in which we had to do half-tones, etc.

Baroque is somewhat important thing on Android. Let me explain, Human Interface Design in the form of MacOSX and iOS clings to the notion that certain colors are avoided due to their objective denotations in certain cultures. However, Apple still clings to such color denotations in other areas of its UI. With baroque we are separating the objective denotation of a color from a color and using it to denote depth, shadow, and rhythm.

So with Google choosing monochromatic baroque, the implied implication is that Android Applications are moving towards works of art in their vibrant visual designs and conversely leaving Apple and its visual stagnate iOS behind.

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