Monday, January 25, 2016

The Start-Up Design Hook

So I have been looking for a marketing hook that allows me to ramp up as far as freelancing or joining a start-up.  The book is part of it but I need something more. Something that says DESIGN LOUDLY like its being SHOUTED.

I might have found a unique way to extend Material Design on the android platform.

And I have searched to see if anyone else talked about it and non one did yet. It could be that everyone knows that secret, but I also checked some popular google and non-google apps and I do not see it being used. That could mean I have found something really quite good or that I am effing idiot and talking non-sense.

Sorry for being obfuscating, details coming when I have the demo apps showing it in about a week or two.

Sorry, its not shying away from mutated colors, vibrant colors and accents or really adding to that particular part of the palette. Its not an obvious guess..:)

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