Saturday, September 12, 2015


Some people have noticed a report coming out on the the amount of time spent in mobile apps compared to TV:


The main take away is that we are spending almost 200 minutes in mobile apps while only 160 minutes watching TV.

But for mobile start-ups there is a more important indirectly relatable statistic, ie in-app sales. In-App sales in mobile applications just surpassed the search-ad industry in revenue.
This is important as due to screen space the freemium ad based model was never long-term sustainable as there is not enough space for ads and not enough click-throughs.

But, with this change to a new advertising medium of in-app
purchases we have a shift in where the ads occur and how they integrate.  We now have to treat the free application as the ad for the in-app purchase.

Thus, the in-app purchase of a feature has to feel like the premium feature you cannot live without. And the freemium app has to feel like its a usable application but while at the same time hint at having more features and power.

I have been talking before about the Elephant-in-the-room with technology progress in that start-ups do not answer the question of when technology disrupts full-time employment where are the
jobs or revenue for families going to come from?  What if its
coming up with a mobile app product and using the freemium model to sell in-app purchases?

Remember, folks, the estimate is that the USA is loosing 8 million jobs to technology progress yearly. Assuming that we may have 1 milliion in the USA already building mobile apps obviously we need to be higher in in-app purchases revenues as it comes out to less than $10,000 per developer. But, we are close to where that steep climb in part-time mobile app makers become revenue-enriched and that become a better business job-wise than the shitty part-time job they had.And unlike some GOP politicans both Apple and Google and Amazon can claim that there mobile app stores are job creation machines.

I am not saying that everyone is going to be rich like Trump. But, in 2016 there is projected to be $31 Billion in in-app sales. Or to put it another way that is the amount VCs invest in Chicago startups on a yearly its not yet a full national things just yet but its growing, right now $10 Billion in growth per year.  But, I think there is some room for some part-time mobile app makers to market a freemium app geared towards in-app purchases and get some coin for their families and at some point to quit that shitty 30-hour job they may have.

We need to call this something. Why? Because, in this strive towards that upward in-app mobile purchase revenue climb we are not going to get government help with thier focus on Billions Dollar Start-Ups. we essentially will have to create our own movement the brings non-developers together to help each other attain this.

Right now, the phrase that seems to fit is:


Its not a start-up as its smaller than a start-up and really has no plans to IPO as its just a small business run on the side to get coin for a family.  But, it does fit thes one person things of
making mobile apps.

I probably should do a changethis manifesto about this maybe..