Saturday, September 26, 2015

Jason Calacanis is Wrong on Google And Apple AGAIN!

Jason Spouts off again with out facts  but in most locations in the world we have to deal with facts. So lets go with this one, how much ad revenue does Google earn?

According to most sources its $60 Billion.

Now what is being used to replace that revenue? Its in-app purchases which is 98% of PlayStore revenue. Which by most estimations is $20 Billion for Google right now.

Now for that 3rd point, How much traffic does iOS uses generate for Google properties or those properties using Google ad services? iOS has 50% of US web traffic only. The only problem is the world wide internet traffic is 10 times the US amount.

Apple is not in the game to attack Google as that does not meet their long-term plans despite Jason Calacanis's untruthful biases(untruthful inn that they are not backed by facts and facts point towards the opposite sort of things)

Here is what Apple sees long-term, they want to become the app maker platform for those displaced by technology progress by enabling a greater mobile experience which in turn makes app makers more money. It has nothing to do with Google. Unless, you did a content site that was complained about to Google by a large portion of Google search users. Jason has been withholding knowledge of that fact for years.

come on Jason Calacanis deliver some effing facts!

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