Thursday, May 21, 2015

SEO Withdrawal

So I am re-vamping my marketing after reading Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Mr Dunn. The idea is stop relying on very short-term SEO tricks and actually build content and a relationship with the audience.

SEO tricks is like drinking coffee, soda, or tea  to pick up energy to work extra hours. Over the long term our body doesn't react well to such abuse. It is easier to some quality exercises or some light weight training and a relaxing sauna and by than you have your second wind to wokr some more hours with better results.

Part of the process is learning what each audience of each platform likes in subjects to content articles in that facebook is different than twitter, builtin platform is differnt than say hackernews, etc.  So I am sort of doing some non-formal A/B in that I post a test article on multiple platforms and than for the follow up article change it per some perceived ideas of how the message should differ per platform and than measure the hit results to see what worked.

The other aspect is learning where the different audiences are at as in what platform they are on. For, example I have to reach start-ups in two distinct ways since I cannot publish on every city builtin site as that does not scale. I found that at least on that I should be building relations by gaining followers to my profile as that will boost my article posts to appear on the front page. Than I cover start-ups in other US-markets by taking advantage of's offer to allow me to earn some revenue off of article authorship at

I know that I have to follow that up with developing a quality article or two for smashingmagazine and get them to publish it. And that is basically querying the person in charge of the mobile dev/design section to see what articles they want to see next and what is popular and using that feedback to come up with an original article idea and than produce that article.