Thursday, May 7, 2015

Paleo not a product

When I first saw this listed as a client of design firm in Chicago targeting start-ups I got worried:

One, I was worried that my WeEat application suddenly became non-unique before I even had everything lined up. Two, the second concern was that there now suddenly was a design firm that understood creating a product in Chicago.

Than I took a look at the application. Yeah, its a nice app out of millions. The only problem is its not a product yet,  How do I know? People watch with me sometime, the most people is not at grocery stores they are at instead restaurant franchises ordering something as they work too much and have no time for  grocery shopping.

Paleo is looking for a problem where none exists, rather than what is in front of their eyeballs. That is one of the problems when you interview end users rather pick the sites where they are numerous at and just watch and take some notes.

This is why I have this big freaking block about working for any design firm, most of them have no effing idea about product.