Tuesday, March 31, 2015


So what is WeEat, it is a mobile application with a delicious twist on dieting. One of the challenging aspects is how to determine what the free features should be so that they trigger an ever increasing IN-App purchase conversions.

Okay I guess I should explain. In physical marketing such as Grocery items, you put the impulse buys at the end caps of each grocery aisle. Usually, these impulse buys have a nice additional marketing displays to complete the impulse triggering.

In mobile it is more like how search is done in that you want the missing item to say to the customer, hey to get that missing set of items its only $.99 right from the app store and you can use it right away. But, for that to work the non-missing items have to be enough so that the user can use the app right away.

For example, a features mix of some popular items along with some not so popular items. But you leave enough popular items to be bought through IN-App purchasing so you still make enough money past the development costs of the application.